Chemistry Without Borders

A unique setting for research and education in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry has been created by bringing together both disciplines at the same department. This has resulted in a dynamic integration and diversification of activities benefiting both branches of chemistry.

Design and production of molecules and studies of their properties is fundamental in both Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry. Such molecules can be anything from small organic molecules to large proteins and other macromolecules or complexes. Common is also the focus on analysis and prediction of molecular structure and function, and on the forces of interaction between molecules. This is achieved by spectroscopy, studies on reaction mechanisms and theorethical chemistry.


Biochemistry has a long history at Uppsala University, originating from the work of the chemists The Svedberg and Arne Tiselius, two Nobel Prize winners recognized as Sweden’s most internationally prominent scientists.

Organic Chemistry

Research in organic chemistry is focused on method development in organic synthesis and on design, synthesis and characterization of functional molecules with applications in biomedicine and materials science.

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